I am unable to bypass the Content Filter, please advise?


There are two possible reasons you are unable to bypass the Content Filter.

Reason 1

The Bypass Rule is below the DNS intercept in the NAT rules.  If this is the case, then it is essential that you insert the Bypass Rule  above the DNS Intercept in the NAT rules.

This ensures we do not intercept and handle DNS requests for bypassed clients on the Mikrotik DNS server which forwards to the cloud.

Reason 2

The DHCP server should serve our public DNS servers, catblock-v2-ns1.lucidview.net – catblock-v2-ns7.lucidview.net as DNS servers. Or rather, the IPs below
catblock-v2-ns1.lucidview.net has address
catblock-v2-ns2.lucidview.net has address
catblock-v2-ns3.lucidview.net has address
catblock-v2-ns4.lucidview.net has address
catblock-v2-ns5.lucidview.net has address
catblock-v2-ns6.lucidview.net has address
catblock-v2-ns7.lucidview.net has address
This ensures the bypass hosts use our open DNS resolvers (so we still log the DNS request for reverse lookup) but do not get blocked by the content filter.