LucidView and MikroTik

LucidView has presented a few solutions at various MikroTik User Meetings over the past few years.

The LucidView MikroTik Enforcer solution is designed to run on any MikroTik Router running RouterOS.  LucidView supplies a generic config script that once downloaded onto your MikroTik Router and tweaked for to meet your needs, is a an advanced and extremely difficult to circumvent Content Filter, Reporting Tool and Security solution.  

The LucidView Enforcer is certified by MikroTik. Details can be found here MikroTik Software.

LucidView has attended and presented at the a few MikroTik User Meetings or MUM Conferences numerous times over the past few years and will continue to do so in the future.

Most recently we presented at the MUM Conference held in Johannesburg in February 2020.

We presented on two topics.

Effective Advanced Web Content Filtering and Clean Internet Using MikroTik RouterOs

We also presented a security solution using both a MikroTik Router and the LucidView Config script, providing a powerful tool to combat zero day attacks, ransomware, malware and more.

Using your MikroTik Router and the LucidView Config Script to provide robust behaviour-based IDS.

Istanbul 2018

LucidView also presented our free Web Content Filter at the Istanbul MUM in October 2018.