You will need to create your LucidView Portal Admin account first.  Once you have created this account you will be able to generate your Enforcer configuration scripts for your MikroTik router which will provide you with all the features of the Enforcer, without altering your existing configuration:  

  • Please create your account here if you don’t already have a LucidView Portal Admin account.
  • Login here if you have already created a LucidView Portal Admin account.


Building Enforcers

Building your own Enforcer allows you to make use of all our features, including the web Content Filter module, Saturation Manager module, Reports, Dashboards & Traffic Flow Analyser module as well as the Security IPS module designed to run with your existing MikroTik Routers.  The LucidView Configuration Script is MikroTik approved.

Simply follow the instructions for the Enforcer described below and you will be able to provide your clients with a tremendous value-add to their existing services.


Enforcer Configuration Script

The Enforcer configuration script caters for MikroTik router installations that will benefit from the Content Filter, Reporting, Dashboards and Traffic-flow Analyser, Intrusion Prevention and Saturation Manager. The MikroTik Router must be first be installed into the network, have Internet access, and carry Internet traffic. This install script does not change the IP address configurations.


More information

Create Portal Admin Account Technical Overview Enforcer Script Instruction Guide

Video walk through of building an Enforcer

Please see video for a step by step instruction guide on how to build your Enforcer.


Multi Profile Enforcer

If you are an ISP with a central break-out point you do not need a MIkroTik router at each of your customers.  You can, using a MikroTik Cloud Core Router, host thousands of profiles at one central point.

With this option you will need LucidView’s assistance.  Please fill out the contact page form and indicate that you are interested in the Multi Profile Enforcer and we will be in touch.



Enforcer Script Instruction Guide