Why are my VPN and VOIP services being killed off?

The IPS module takes  a variety of factors into consideration when protecting your network from unauthorised remote access, known malware and other security risks.  Any good IPS solution is going to have false positives from time to time.  

IP addresses that have no corresponding DNS entry may be flagged as risk.  It is important where possible that connections have an associated DNS entry.

In the instances where you have  direct IP connections (Non DNS) that need to function properly such as VPNs, VOIP and SIP servers we recommend that you whitelist the IP addresses to ensure that the connections are not flagged as a security risk and killed.

Whitelisting the IP addresses affected will ensure that 

For example; Where branches connect via VPN with no associated DNS entry the connections will be tracked as suspicious. It is best to add all services without associated DNS entries to the whitelist so the portal can ignore their traffic. The same applies to SIP services. Where possible we encourage clients to have valid DNS entries for all services.

To view a video on “How to whitelist and blacklist sites, IP addresses etc. please click here.

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