ips security for mikrotik

Security and IPS 

The LucidView IPS module provides behaviour based IPS, identification and elimination of suspicious connections which are often ransomware related.  Our IPS protects against both known and unknown malware by analysing the behaviour of the connection and eliminating any connections which are anomalous. 

IDS & IPS with the LucidView Enforcer

LucidView specialises in behaviour based intrusion detection and prevention.  We look at how the traffic behaves on your network, identify and eliminate any anomalies.  Each and every connection that comes into or leaves your Network is analysed and categorised.

Behaviour based IPS is  proactive. The Enforcer examines traffic patterns, looking for anything out of the ordinary.  Any traffic and/or connections behaving oddly are immediately added to the “Security Risk” category and blocked.


Pull and Push Remote Protection

Pull Remote Protection – These are attempted attacks into your network by a remote hacker trying to gain access to your network,  The LucidView Enforcer identifies these connections and eliminates them before they are able to infect the network or give a remote hacker control over the network.

Push Remote Protection – This refers to remote hackers that gain access via users from within the network, this can happen via a VPN, apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and even email.  The user inadvertently allow the hacker to push a remote connection into your network.  The LucidView Enfrorcer identifies these push remote connections and eliminates them.


Example of Identifying Security Risk

The charts in this example provide an illustration of how the LucidView Enforcer examines and an analyses each connection coming into and leaving your network.

Using our own A.I. we have created the LucidView Enforcer. The Enforcer effectively assesses, in real time, when a connection is behaving “suspiciously”.  If it is, the Enforcer automatically puts into the IPS Module. Thereby, blocking it and eliminating the threat to your network.

The LucidView IPS module identifies suspicious connections and immediately kills them off upon identification.  Offering an extremely effective Intrusion Detection (IDS) and proactive Intrusion Prevention (IPS) for all customers.

Intrusion Detection Dashboard

How the IPS Security Module works

This is a detailed presentation of LucidView’s behaviour based IPS Security solution presented at the MikroTik Users Conference in February 2020.