Complete Visibility of your Internet and Network Traffic

The LucidView Enforcer Visibility Module. provides comprehensive reports and advanced dashboards that provide a meaningful view on Internet traffic as well as an interactive log analysis tool.

Using the Visibility Module, you have complete meaningful visibility on your Internet traffic.  Additionally, this Module provides extensive tools to drill down and identify key areas of concern or interest.

For example, You notice on your dashboard that an excessive amount of connections are being made to one site, this immediately indicates a potential Malware infection.  Using the advanced Dashboards interactive log analysis tool you are able to rapidly identify the offending PC and remove the Malware.

The LucidView Enforcer Visibility Module are designed to run on a range of routers, widely used and available, created by MikroTik.

Not familiar with MikroTik?  Not a problem. Get in touch with us and we will connect you with a skilled service provider.

A few examples of Internet Usage Reports available:

  • Source IP reports 
  • Internet Destination reports
  • Hosts and/or Domains Report – This Report shows you which internet hosts and or domains have been accessed
  • Categories Report – Adult, Gaming, Gambling, Movies,   etc
  • Security Reports
  • Report showing Malware
  • Report showing suspected unauthorized remote access which is a possible hacking attempt

Custom Internet Usage Reports (Pro feature)

While the Reporting Module comes with many predefined Internet traffic reports covering almost every aspect of your Internet traffic, we also cater to customised reports.  

In other words, think of any aspect the Internet traffic you would like reported on, if there is not an existing Report for it, you can easily create it using the Reporting Module.

Identify areas you would like to block or manage better using our Content Filter.

Scheduled Reports

Using LucidView’s REporting Modules’s scheduling feature, schedule reports being emailed to your clients or users as often as you like. Whether it be daily, weekly, monthly.  Whatever your requirements are.


The LucidView Visibility Module provides the insight and analysis tools necessary to ensure your Internet traffic is being used as you intended. 

It is impossible to manage what you can’t see.

 The Reports generated  with the Visibility Module are user friendly and easy to understand.  

These reports are powerful tools in assisting you with your Internet Management.  They show you possible Malware infections and the source of these.  As a result, you can quickly remedy this.  They provide detail such as whether your bandwidth is being used for torrents and which device is responsible. 

LucidView’s reports show you exactly which device on your network is visiting what website, when and for how long.  You can use them to measure your quality of service ensuring that you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for.

The value of visibility via detailed reports from the Reporting Module is immeasurable in ensuring your Internet is being used in line with your policy.

Not familiar with MikroTik?  Not a problem. Get in touch with us and we will connect you with a skilled service provider.


The LucidView Visibility Module provides advanced interactive Dashboards which provide both oversight into what is going on your network, and allows you to drill down into each view and identify exactly where your bandwidth is being used. 

Our dashboards provide an effective log analysis tool.

Additionally, it is powerfu IPS tool, at a glance you can identify any unusual connections and traffic, indicating possible Malware, Spyware and Ransomware.  You can also see who is visiting a site domain or host. How much bandwidth is being used by each user and much more.  

In short, the visibility into your Internet traffic provides you with a complete view of how your traffic is being used.

Customisable Dashboard Views

LucidView’s Enforcer Dashboards are entirely customisable and can built to meet the needs of a particular client or user.

The Enforcer Dashboards provide a powerful interface to analyse your Internet traffic.

Below are a few examples of the Enforcer Dashboards Available:

Malware Dashboard Example
Bandwidth View Dashboard Example
Regional View - Example of a Dashboard