Overview of the LucidView Enforcer Web Content Filter Module

The LucidView Cloud provides two levels of Internet Content Filtering depending on how stringent your requirements are:

The Enforcer Content filter is enforced on two levels making it extremely difficult to circumvent:

  1. DNS based Content Filter  – Clean, safe Internet is becoming a basic requirement, as a result of the rapid increase in public WiFi access points. The LucidView  Content filter is an essential tool in meeting this requirement.
  2. Firewall based Content Filter – This is LucidView’s more sophisticated  Content Filter. Each incoming and outgoing connection is analyzed, classified, and either blocked or allowed, depending on your needs.  This is a key tool in ensuring your policy is enforced. Any connection in contravention, is immediately “killed” via the  Enforcer Firewall. 

Ultimately both aim to provide you and your clients with Clean Internet™ as per each client’s own definition.

The LucidView  Content Filter Module Categories

The LucidView Content Filter is extensive and can be used by ISPs, large Enterprises, SMEs as well as home users. 

The LucidView Enforcer Content Filter is designed to run a widely used, easily accessible range of MikroTik Routers.

Not familiar with MikroTik?  Not a problem. Get in touch with us and we will connect you with a skilled service provider.  A skilled MikroTik professional will be able to turn the router into a formidable content filter.

Extensive Database

LucidView does not rely on existing databases to ensure that content is always classified and categorized correctly.  We have our own crawlers that are constantly crawling the web looking for new sites to add to our already extensive database.

Always Learning

The  Content Filter is constantly learning and updating every hour of every day.  Thousands of new sites are added and classified every hour. This means if a new unknown site is published and you or your client access it,  within an hour the LucidView Web Crawlers will have browsed, analyzed and categorized the site.

LucidView MikroTik Enforcer Categories