Possible reasons and solutions for the bandwidth discrepancy:

The data shown on the portal is based on what is logged by Netflow it is thus essential that your Netflow Data reaches us.

  • Perhaps something has access to ISP bandwidth that is not going via the MikroTik you have made an Enforcer.
  • Perhaps your upstream Internet router has been compromised, as the ISP reports in and out as both being similar amounts, and this is often typical that your upstream router has been compromised, and being used as a relay of sorts.
  • Not all the Netflow is sent from your MikroTik – Perhaps try rebooting router, and try version 5, instead of 9 of Netflow (Traffic Flow). Also consider applying latest firmware.
  • Perhaps the Mikrotik is under resourced, and not able to keep up with Netflow. -Consider hardware upgrade.
  • Since Netflow is UDP, perhaps not all the packets are arriving to our server in the  Cloud. – To ensure all packets arrive, consider prioritizing “lvcloud” vpn.
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