Fast Internet

Using the LucidView Enforcer solution you can ensure that internet is always fast for the end user, no matter what the contention ratio.  This is achieved by ensuring that bandwidth hungry services and applications like YouTube, Windows and Android updates never take priority over more important and latency sensitive applications. In other words, ISPs are able to limit streaming services during times of peak usage. 

Using the LucidView Enforcer solution, ISP’s will be able to avoid costly bandwidth upgrades by ensuring that services such as streaming are not able to ramp up their resolution to use the entire line and thus create a negative experience for other users.  We introduce content based traffic shaping.

This solution can be used on any size link from small home users to large organisations with 10Gbps + throughput.

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Internet Saturated/congested

LucidView’s  Saturation Manager allows you to ensure responsive Internet without having to purchase additional bandwidth. This solution works optimally with a 1:1 content ratio.

The LucidView Enforcer for MikroTik provides the tools to shape your bandwidth so that streaming services, updates and other bandwidth intensive applications are able to function without latency, while not negatively impacting business critical applications that require responsive connectivity, even during times of line saturation. 

The amount of bandwidth these streaming services utilise is significant and cause the Internet to become saturated.  If left unmanaged they can create huge latency for other Internet related activity.  If you’re ISP you are likely getting complaints about response times.  Increasing bandwidth is costly an unlikely to solve the problem.

Internet Congestion Manager

Time-out errors are a frequent consequence of saturated unmanaged bandwidth, causing frustration for users and impacting business critical applications.

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QoS and Shaping

The Saturation Manager module allows you to shape up to 10Gbps of throughput based on content type.  This is especially important for larger companies and enterprise sized customers who have competing business applications with some that are latency sensitive, such as Microsoft Teams.  

In addition these business applications are also competing against normal Internet browsing, social media, OS updates and streaming services.  Streaming services are dynamic, they are considered bandwidth hungry as, if allowed, they will ramp up resolution and impact all other applications and browsing negatively.

The Saturation Manager module allows you to prioritise your bandwidth needs based on categories of content as per the content filter.  



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