Enforcer Consultant Programme – Terms and Conditions

LucidView matches Enforcer consultants with leads. A lead is an end-user/client who has requested assistance in setting up Mikrotik routers as LucidView Enforcers. Once such a lead has been lodged with LucidView, LucidView will attempt to match it with current registered Enforcer Consultants based on criteria such as region, language etc, and any other criteria LucidView deems appropriate.

Enforcer Consultants agree to not distribute lead information to any other party, or use the information of the lead for any other purpose than to contract with them for setting up and configuring (a) LucidView Enforcer/s.

Enforcer Consultants are not employees, representatives or agents of LucidView.  Once a match has been made the consultant and the lead will interact and contract with one another independently of LucidView.

LucidView cannot be held responsible for any part of the relationship between the consultant and the lead.

nforcer Consultants are required to configure a LucidView Enforcer on their MikroTik Router. The Enforcer must be online and have traffic flowing through it in order to qualify for the Enforcer Consultant programme.

LucidView reserves the right to remove any Enforcer Consultant from its database.

LucidView reserves the right to modify or change these terms and conditions as it sees necessary without prior notice.

Enforcer Consultant Programme