Enforcer Consultant Programme

The Enforcer Consultant programme is a programme where LucidView puts customers who are not familiar with MikroTik RouterOS in touch with people who have MikroTik RouterOS experience and skills and are able to activate the LucidView Cloud Modules.

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Find an Enforcer Consultant

LucidView’s four key modules i.e. the Enforcer IPS module, the Content Filter module, the Saturation Manager module and the Visibility module all run on the MikroTik RouterOS.

If you are not familiar with the MikroTik RouterOS but are keen on making use of our Enforcer solutions, please click on the button below and fill in your details.  We will put you in touch with an Enforcer Consultant.

Find an Enforcer Consultant

Become an Enforcer Consultant

The LucidView Enforcer solutions are developed to run on MikroTik RouterOS. We have customers that do not have any MikroTik experience but are keen to implement our solutions.

If you are familiar with MikroTik RouterOS and interested in providing assistance to our customers please click the button below and fill in and submit the form included.  LucidView will contact you once we have received the form to discuss next steps.

become an enforcer consultant