Why your Enforcer is indicating its offline

There are a number of reasons this could occur.

Firstly, confirm that your Enforcer is configured properly.

Standard Enforcers

For Standard Enforcers please read the Instruction Manual.

Also, visit this page for instructions on how to ensure it is correctly connected to your existing router.

Bolt-On Enforcers

For Bolt-On Enforcers please watch the setup video (specifically look at the video from 14:05 where we talk about the lvcloud interface) and read through the instruction guide.

Confirm that your VPN is configured correctly on your MikroTik Router and make sure that the VPN to the LucidView Cloud is connected,  Visit this page for more information on why it is it essential that your VPN is correctly configured.

Check that your MikroTik Enforcer has a strong Internet connection.



We have followed the instructions and set-up a Bolton Enforcer, however the proxy is reflecting as offline, why?

Changing the interface dial out profile to default should resolve this issue.

Please see image below.

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