The Importance of Visibility

Visibility into ones network traffic is essential to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.  

LucidView’s Reporting, Dashboards and Analysis provides you with human readable reports and dashboards that can be scheduled to be sent daily, weekly or monthly to yourself, your staff and/or your customers, showing exactly what the Internet is being used for.  Moreover, LucidViews Traffic Flow Analysis capability provides you with excellent investigative tools to drill into what is happening in your network.

For example: you will be able to see which websites were visited most often, who visited these websites and how much bandwidth they used. 

This solution also includes the Traffic-Flow Analyser, a powerful tool in diving deep into exactly what your traffic is made up, if there are any unauthorised remote connections and much more, do click here for more detail.


Build your enforcer

Meaningful Reports

With the LucidView Visibility Module, ISPs can provide their customers with meaningful usage reports on all aspects of their Internet traffic.

These reports are completely back-end white-label reports whereby the ISP can add their own logo’s and branding.  Reports can scheduled to be sent to customers on a daily, weekly, monthly basis depending on the customers needs.

The LucidView Portal provides predefined reports for your convenience.  However, you can customise reports to meet yours or your customers needs.  

Meaning reporting is a powerful bandwidth management and security tool.

Customisable Dashboards

LucidView’s Dashboards are entirely customisable and can built to meet the needs of a particular client or user.

The Dashboards provide a powerful at interface to analyse your Internet traffic at a glance..

Our dashboards provide instant oversight of key aspects of your network, while our traffic-flow analyser allows you to examine your all your network traffic in detail.

In short, the visibility into your Internet traffic provides you with a complete view of how your traffic is being used.  Please see our Demo Dashboards for more examples.

Traffic-Flow Analysis

The Absolute Insight module comes complete with an extremely powerful Traffic-flow Analyser which allows you to examine your network traffic extensively.

Effectively, this tool provides you with the ability to “find a needle in a haystack”, so to speak.

By using this feature it is possible to drill down into your enriched netflow data and identify even just one suspicious connection. This is a hugely powerful tool for identifying risks, malware and other security issues.

Please see our tutorials for more in-depth detail.