Lucidview Dashboard

LucidView Dashboard

The LucidView Dashboard feature is an extremely powerful oversight and management tool that allows you, the customer to have a bird’s-eye view of all the facets of your Networking and Internet Infrastructure that are important to your organisation.

The LucidView Dashboard is entirely customisable and can be set up to run your SOC or NOC with ease.  The different views of your crtical bandwidth resources that the dashboard can deliver are tremendous.  From viewing overall bandwidth usage to connections made, you have the ability, at a glance to identify abuse, misuse, malware and viruses.

The ability to then further drill down from the Dashboard view, provides administrators with the tools they need to immediately identify which user is abusing the resources, which PC has malware on it.  

If your organisation has a number of branches these branches can be included on the Dashboard from a central location while each branch can also be given access to a dashboard view of just that branch, ensuring that only those authorised to view Internet and bandwdith usage can.

The Dashboard allows for effective and rapid reporting on every aspect of your network and is a powerful forensic and auditing tool.