QoS and Shaping

10Gbps + Traffic shaping on a MikroTik RouterOS

LucidView has introduced a 10Gbps + (upwards) traffic shaping solution that is designed to run on MikroTik RouterOS. This breakthrough technology is already running at Enterprise sized customers. Traffic shaping using the LucidView Enforcer and MikroTik RouterOS is not simply QoS but also Content Based traffic shaping.  This allows you, the ISP or Service Provider to reduce the demand from streaming services dynamically ensuring that latency sensitive services and applications are always responsive. 

Streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, WhatsApp video, Instagram and Facebook video are bandwidth hungry applications, left unmanaged, they will ramp up video resolution to as high as possible saturating the line and creating latency and timeout issues for other applications and websites, often those that can least afford latency.  This results in end user frustration, impact to key business activities and poses a security risk by compromising the availability of key resources.  

The knee jerk response is to purchase costly bandwidth upgrades which seldom solve the issue as it simply allows bandwidth greedy streaming services to ramp up their resolution even further.  So what is the solution?


The solution is to introduce QoS and Shaping into the environment.  Adding shaping and QoS to an environment that is 10gbps plus has meant introducing costly solutions like Cisco, Allot and Blue Coat to name but a few.

Until now, the issue with MikroTik was that they only allowed for static shape lists, which meant that you could not manage a 10+Gbps link with a MikroTik router.

LucidView has developed a unique and valuable traffic shaping solution that enables proper QoS and Shaping using MikroTik routers on large links ranging between 1Gbps – 40 Gbps.

This was impossible until now.

How does it work

The LucidView Saturation module which forms part of our Enforcer solution provides powerful, dynamic shaping via the LucidView Cloud. LucidView provides dynamic shape lists, which update every few minutes.

Traffic can be shaped in a range of ways, including, shaping via the lhost and/or domain and/or category and IP address. 

Content Based Shaping

The LucidView Enforcer solution includes a firewall based Content Filter.  We provide a number of key categories that can be allocated bandwidth according to their importance. These categories include streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook video, Instagram, WhatsApp video and Netflix, ensuring that QoS is maintained even during times of peak saturation; these services bear the brunt of the shaping policy allowing more latency sensitive applications to perform optimally.

Our Intrusion Prevention and Detection module ensures that the link is protected from unauthorized access, malware and other security risks.

Benefits of using MikroTik RouterOS

MikroTik RouterOS is an extremely affordable option especially when stacked up against its competitors.  Until now, MikroTik RouterOS was not used on larger links as the routers were limited to static shape lists, even the most powerful CCR Routers have not been able to manage links as large as 10Gbps in the past.  However, coupled with the LucidView Enforcer Saturation Manager solution, this is now not only possible but has already been rolled out successfully in production environments with 10Gbps + links.  This technology now makes MikroTik a credible competitor in the traffic shaping enterprise space.  This creates both an extremely affordable and efficient alternative to the other traffic shaping solutions available on the market.


We have already rolled this feature out to large ISP’s with Enterprise sized customers with great success.  There is no additional cost for this shaping solution as it is included in the Enforcer modules.  Our pricing model remains unchanged. As our solution is a back-end white-label solution we ensure that our pricing is so competitive that selling this on to your customers at a significant mark-up from the cost to you will still keep you very competitive, the lucidview saturation manager is likely the most competitive shaping solution available to your customers.