Blocking Vs Monitoring

Using your MikroTik with LucidView’s advanced Free Config Script and have the ability to prevent a Zero Day Attack!


Presentations by LucidView at the JHBMUM Conference

On Friday the 7th of February 2020, LucidView both attended and presented at the MikroTik User Event.  LucidView covered two specific areas that are critical for business, schools, restaurants and any place considered family friendly.  May metropolitan are now providing free WiFi.  However, as we all know there is a significant amount of inappropriate content on the Internet.   We selected these topics above others as we deem these to be the most urgent in our futures.

The Agenda published by the MUM organsers can be found here, a brief write up on each presenter is also available,  Our first presenter is LucidView’s CEO and visionary. He has enormous foresight as to where this rapid revolution is headed.

At 14h00, our Senior Operations Engineer Paul Greeff, will delve into the more technical aspects of malware, how to spot it and what do once isolated.  

He will be happy to take questions.  Should you think of a question that  hadn’t asked, simply email

TOPIC 1: Web Content Filtering and providing Clean Internet

The rapid increase of smartphone access, has added another dimension that guardians need to be paying attention to. Middle school is often a difficult time for kids, puberty comes with its own set of issues.Particularly the desire to fit in and conform,  During this period parents and teachers need to pay particular to personality issues.  While peer pressure is by no means a new phenomenon, the introduction of social media, with its 24/7/365 means our kids are either the subject of bullying and public humiliation.  Kids judge themselves over the amount of ‘likes” a posts gets, the bar 

Add to this, that your child, at that age, as is normal everywhere and for most of recorded history.  However, in the past, kids that didn’t fit in had to put up with a bullying during recesses on the school yard.  At days end, these kids went back t the safety and affirmation of who they were.

Today, bullying has become significantly more insidious, groups on social media continue the bullying, but with a mob behind them and a keyboard and monitor protecting them while they spew out vile and disgusting rumours.  In a previous we discuss the increased rates of teen suicide and depression.

As a company with our own kids reaching the double-digit age, our belief that governments and bureaucracy are going to remain behind the curve,  Large ISP’s on the other don’t really care what traffic crosses their infrastructure.  This must be left to determined parents who insist and Enforcer is installed at  schools.  Aside from the very minimal cost of the Router, this is a solution that can protect your kids from cyber-bullying, explicit and violent content,

Hence we have introduced a 100% Free Config that can be run on any MikroTik RouterOS creating a robust Web Content Filter, with reports on where your bandwidth is used  Additionally, and as dramatic as this may sound, implementing time restrictions may save your child’s life.

TOPIC 2: LucidView and MikroTik Behaviour based IDS/IPS

Presenter:  Paul Greeff

This presentation is extremely illuminating.  It is fairly technical.  We highly encourage anyone interested cyber security to watch this video. Should you have any queries, please contact us via the details on our website,