Made for MikroTik, The LucidView Cloud Solution

Bolt-On Content Filter and IDPS Solution for MikroTik RouterOS

Are you a certified MikroTik user?  If yes, please read on…..


LucidView has developed bolt-on software specifically for you.  This software takes your MikroTik Router and turns it into a sophisticated Content Filter that is virtually impossible to circumvent.  Additionally, it provides extraordinary behaviour based Intrusion Detection and Prevention.

The solution has been designed in such a way, that if you are simply an enthusiast you can use this bolt-on to ensure that your personal network is protected against unwanted or unsolicited connections, you can use it to ensure that any other users on your network aren’t using your bandwidth for intensive activities and shortchanging you.  We have designed a feature called FairShare specifically for instances where a group of people are sharing the resource.

The solution has also been designed to work on a much larger scale, if you are a large enterprise, ISP, MSP or even a general IT Service Provider who has experience with the MikroTIk RouterOS, than our solution will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to add value to your customers or network.  You will be able to provide them with extremely effective content filtering, hardcore protection from all sorts of cyber threats, ranging from DDOS attacks to ransomware and everything in between.

The solution is a 100% white label, back-end solution which means you can name and brand it as you wish and onsell it to your customers, departments, neighbours – whoever.  The options are limited only by yourself.

The cost to you is negligible, at $3 per MikroTik or per MikroTik profile there is a clear profit to be made while providing real value.  One MikroTik Cloud Core Router can run thousands of profiles. We encourage you to take advantage of the Free Trial we offer so you can see for yourself exactly the value add this is.

We will assist you as much as you required via Google hangouts sessions and email support.  We believe so strongly in this MikroTik based solution that we want to make it available to all MikroTik users for as little as possible.

Please also feel free to view our presentation at MUM conference in Istanbul last year.