Lucidview Guardian

LucidView Enforcer™ for MikroTik 

  • Enhance your MikroTik Router with access to LucidView’s Content Filter & IPS database
  • Includes IPS, Content Filtering, Content based shaping and granular insight

Free Internet Management Solutions for MikroTik

Content Filter, IPS, Shaping and Reporting tool for MikroTik Routers

LucidView provides Enforcer configuration scripts that enhance your MikroTik by  allowing it to provide key Internet management solutions that are 100% free (T&Cs apply, see below) for smaller accounts.  The Enforcer scripts will not modify your existing MikroTik RouterOS configurations. These include:

You can build the solution yourself on MikroTik RouterOS .  You simply need to follow the visit our “Building your Enforcer”  page and follow the steps laid out in the video and documentation on this page.



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LucidView Enforcer for MikroTik Pricing

Enhance your MikroTik Router with access to LucidView’s Content Filter & IPS database. It is 100% free of charge to smaller accounts. Smaller accounts are defined as “smaller” when the cumulative MikroTik RAM for all of the MikroTik devices in the account is less than 32GB.

Examples of this: 

  • 32 x 1GB ‘RB1100AHx4 equals 32GB
  • 2 x CCR1072 equals 32GB

If you can see your account growing to beyond 32GB, i.e. all your MikroTik Routers’ combined RAM will be more than 32GB please do get in touch with us.

It is possible to have multiple profiles on a single Enforcer.  This forms part of our Managed Solutions.  Please do contact us for a quotation if you are interested in this.



Presentation of the LucidView Behaviour Based IPS at the MikroTik User Conference in February 2020.  Demonstrating how effective our IPS module is against malware, hackers and more.


This video provides an overview of the power of the LucidView MikroTik Portal.  We are constantly developing new features and adding them to the portal.  This video was created in 2020.


Presentation of our web filtering and log data analysis at the Mikrotik Users Conference in Istanbul in October 2018.