Lucidview Guardian

Back-end Cloud Solution for MikroTik 

  • Access to a customised build of the LucidView App available on Android & IOS
  • Enhance your MikroTik Router with access to LucidView’s Content Filter & IPS database
  • Includes IPS, Content Filtering, Content based shaping and granular insight

Back-End Provider for Internet Management Solutions

LucidView offers a comprehensive selection of open-source Internet management solutions specifically developed for MikroTik devices. These solutions encompass:

This pre-built configuration script is available for MikroTik RouterOS. By downloading and importing the configuration script on MikroTik RouterOS, you create what we call an “Enforcer”.  Please see “Building your Enforcer”  and follow the steps laid out in the video and documentation. Executing the Enforcer scripts will not modify your existing MikroTik RouterOS configurations and setup. 


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LucidView Enforcer for MikroTik Pricing

Our billing model is based on the total cumulative RAM of all your MikroTik devices.  The cost per MB is $0.03 with a minimum charge for 128MB

Invoices are issued Monthly via Paypal. Please see some examples below;

  • Up to 128MB of Cumulative RAM = $3.84 per month
  • 1026 MB of Cumulative RAM = 1026 * 0.03 = $30.78 per month.
  • 7462 MB of Cumulative RAM = 7462 * 0.03 = $223.86 per month.
  • 51 200 MB of Cumulative RAM = 51200 * 0.03 = $1536 per month 

It is possible to have multiple profiles on a single Enforcer.  This forms part of our Managed Solutions.  Please do contact us for a quotation if you are interested in this.

Invoices are issued on the 1st of the month via PayPal and are due by the 15th of the month.  Payment is strictly via PayPal.  Annual licences are available for upfront payment and attract a 20% discount, please contact us if you wish to purchase an annual licence.

Customisable Build for LucidView Enforcer App

LucidView offers services to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) so that they can use LucidView as a comprehensive back-end provider for their customers. This will allow MSPs and ISPs to customize and brand the LucidView services according to their own preferences.  The entire solution is API-driven which will allow the full rebranding or proper integration of the services into your own portal or web application. LucidView will also provide you with a customised build of the LucidView App that is available on both the IOS and Android platforms.

 Please contact us for further information.



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Presentation of the LucidView Behaviour Based IPS at the MikroTik User Conference in February 2020.  Demonstrating how effective our IPS module is against malware, hackers and more.


This video provides an overview of the power of the LucidView MikroTik Portal.  We are constantly developing new features and adding them to the portal.  This video was created in 2020.


Presentation of our web filtering and log data analysis at the Mikrotik Users Conference in Istanbul in October 2018.