LucidView Enforcer Saturation Manager

LucidView’s Saturation Manager Mdoule allows you to ensure responsive Internet without having to purchase additional bandwidth. This solution works optimally with a 1:1 content ratio.

The  LucidView Bolt-On Enforcer provides the tools to shape your bandwidth so that streaming services, updates and other bandwidth intensive applications are able to function without latency, while not negatively impacting business critical applications that require responsive connectivity, even during times of line saturation. 

The amount of bandwidth these streaming services utilise is significant and cause the Internet to become saturated.  If left unmanaged they can create huge latency for other Internet related activity.  If you’re ISP you are likely getting complaints about response times.  Increasing bandwidth is costly and unlikely to solve the problem.

Please visit the Portal for instructions on how to open an account and convert your  RouterOS into a powerful saturation manager.  

Please Note:  If you are not familiar with MikroTik please contact us and we will put you in touch with a MikroTik service provider or consultant.

The LucidView Saturation Manager module is designed to run a widely used, easily accessible range of routers made by MikroTik.

The  Saturation Manager Module

Decide what Content you deem a priority.

This module gives service providers, IT teams and home users the ability to manage streaming so that it does not impact more important Internet activity.  You, the service provider can determine how much bandwidth streaming services are using during congestion times. Where bandwidth is unmanaged, typically one needs to increase the available bandwidth when the existing line reaches 60% to 70%, this is costly and does little to resolve the issue.  Having the tools to manage saturated links is a much more effective way to deal with congestion or saturation.

For example:  Allocate 5% of available bandwidth to streaming services.  When the line is saturated, streaming will still function without latency, however, the resolution will be automatically lowered.  When the line is not being used by more critical applications, the resolution will automatically increase.

Internet Congestion Manager

Prioritise Categories 

With the Saturation Manager Module, you can decide what categories are the most important and allow them to take priority during times of saturation.  Using this tool, the Internet will always remain responsive, even when congested during peak times.

LucidView has a number of categories you can select and shape…… more

LucidView has a tremendous database with millions of sites already categorised and our web crawler adds new sites every day.

Using the  Saturation Manager Module you can prioritise or completely block all of the above.  You can also set time based rules that allow certain categories to be accessible at certain times.

Not familiar with MikroTik?  Not a problem. Get in touch with us and we will connect you with a skilled service provider.