MikroTik Portal

  • Providing visibility & content filtering on your Internet traffic
  • Providing clean, safe Internet


MikroTik Portal and Install Options

The MikroTik Portal is a powerful Internet Management Solution for MikroTik RouterOS.  By registering your MikroTik Portal Account and making use of Enforcer Scripts below you will be able to turn your MikroTik RouterOS into a powerful solution, offering advanced Content FilteringSecurity and IDS/IPS, Dashboards and Reporting, and Saturation Management.  

It has three different install types which we call Enforcers. Each is designed for different types of users with different levels of skill.  Ranging from a home user with no IT skills to an experienced MikroTik User to an ISP running MikroTik Cloud Core Routers.  These include:

Everyone deserves clean and affordable Internet,  convert your MikroTik Router into an advanced Content Filter with Reporting free of charge.

Key Features of the MikroTik Portal – all Enforcer types

In short, turn your MikroTik Router into a MikroTik Enforcer and have complete visibility and management of your Internet.  You can provide your customers, your family or your business with Clean Internet as defined by you and you can do this at no charge whatsoever.  All you need is a MikroTik Router and our install script which is available absolutely free of cost and you have yourself an advanced MikroTik Content Filter with reports.


Solution Demonstration

By clicking the button below you are able to experience our interactive dashboards and experience a live demonstration of the solutions.

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In this section, you can watch videos and register for our LucidView MikroTik Enforcer Free version of our Internet Content Filter and Reporting Engine.

The Free Version allow you, the ISP, Business or Home, to test the solution, with no commitment.  Both will show you the benefits to you and your clients.

Should you wish to upgrade to the LucidView MikroTik Enforcer Pro, you can do this at anytime through the portal.

Please watch the instruction video’s and read the documentation provided when building your Enforcer.

Should you have any issues or require assistance at all, visit our contact page and let us know.  

We are certain that you will immediately recognize the power of your MikroTik Router when coupled with our “Made for MikroTik” software to create the MikroTik Enforcer.

Examples of Dashboards and Reports

Here are interactive examples of what is available on our Live Demo.  These are LIVE Dashboard (*pro feature) and Reports that are available on the MikroTik Enforcer.

Video of Enforcer

MikroTik Enforcer Video

This video demonstrates what you are able to provide for yourself and your customers using your MikroTik.

  • How to configure the Content Filter
  • How to pull and schedule Internet usage Reports.

* For MikroTik Portal Pro Accounts:  This is a 100-percent white-label solution so this would be hosted under your domain and the product name “Enforcer” can be named to whatever you wish.

MikroTik Enforcer Management Portal

This video shows you the LucidView Enforcer Portal User Interface that typically the ISP and/or IT Department would have access to. This is where one creates and manages all the Enforcer profiles in terms of what content they see, when they see it, as well as when they will receive user reports and more.

Access Live Demo Portal

The Portal Demo gives you access to the Enforcer Portal interface, which is where one creates Enforcers.

Login to Demo Portal



MikroTik Enforcer

LucidView offers the solution completely free of charge.  The solution includes advanced Content Filtering and limited pre-defined reports.

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MikroTik Certified Software

The LucidView MikroTik Enforcer is certified and approved by MikroTik.

LucidView presented at the MikroTik User Conference in Istanbul in 2018.

Typical MikroTik Routers Used
hEX PoE lite
hEX PoE lite
MikroTik USB and PoE 2GHz WiFi Router
MikroTik USB and PoE 2GHz WiFi Router
MikroTik hAP lite SOHO 2GHz WiFi Router
MikroTik hAP lite SOHO 2GHz WiFi Router
MikroTik Cloud 72xCore SFP Plus Router
MikroTik Cloud 72xCore SFP Plus Router
MikroTik Cloud 9xCore SFP PC Router
MikroTik Cloud 9xCore SFP PC Router