Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes the most frequent account related questions we receive, these question are about your LucidView MikroTik Portal Account, how to register it, login to it, create and manage Enforcers, white-label your solution and more.

Creating and configuring Enforcer profiles

Enforcers are configured by logging into the individual Enforcers, you can also give your customer access to their specific Enforcer account which they can login to form our Login page by selecting the “Enforcer Profile Login” option.

Each Enforcer has its own Content Filter profile, IPS and Saturation Management are configured on the individual Enforcer.  Reports, Dashboards & Traffic-Flow Analysis can be done at both LucidView Portal Account and Enforcer levels. Please see our FAQs for each section.

LucidView MikroTik Portal Account questions

For FAQs related to actual Configuration and trouble-shooting of your Enforcers please see the FAQs for each module please return to the main FAQ page.


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