LucidView Enforcer Demonstration

This video shows how to set-up Content Filtering, Reporting and IPS.  It includes demonstrates how you, the ISP can create and manage profiles for your customers under your branding.

Access the demo for the Enforcer directly: or register for your 30 day free trial.

LucidView Enforcer Portal Demo

This video is aimed at ISPs, IT companies and IT departments within large Enterprise.  It demonstrates the LucidView MikroTik portal where Enforcers are created.  It also shows you how to brand the solution as your own with your logos and corporate identify.  

Access the Demo Enforcer Portal directly:

How to build a LucidView Enforcer

The video below is a technical video showing you exactly how to configure your MikroTik Router and convert it into a LucidView Enforcer with all four features – Content Filter, IPS (Security), Reports & Dashboards and Saturation Manager.

LucidView Presentation on Behaviour Based IPS at MikroTik Users Conference – Feb 2020 (Johannesburg)

LucidView Presentation – MikroTik Users Conference Istanbul 2018