Building Enforcers


Login to your MikroTik Enforcer Portal where you will be able to generate one of two types of Install scripts for your MikroTik router:  Either a “Standard Enforcer” or a “Bolt-On Enforcer”

This documents explains the difference, and how to download each of them.

(Please contact us if you don’t have a Mikrotik Enforcer Portal account, and a trial account can quickly be created for you you.)

Standard Enforcer

A standard LucidView Enforcer is created from blank state using a Standard Enforcer script from the LucidView VAR Portal. All configuration settings are made according to the Portal, including IP addresses. (i.e. a Standard Enforcer should not be configured directly via Mikrotik Router Configuration Interface once birthed. )

  • A “Standard Enforcer Script” must never be installed onto a Mikrotik router that is already installed into a network, as all existing configurations are wiped and the IP addresses will be changed on the said Mikrotik router.

 Bolt-On Enforcer

The LucidView Enforcer Bolt-On solution caters for existing Mikrotik routers installations that will benefit from the Content Filter and Reporting provided by LucidView. The Bolt-On script does not change the Mikrotik routers network configuration, however it does redirect  DNS traffic (See below for more details)   The Bolt-On solution only adds the Content filter and Reporting features to the Mikrotik router.

  • The Mikrotik Router must be first be installed into the network, have Internet access, and carry Internet traffic. This install script does not change the IP address configurations.


PDF Guide for Standard Enforcer

PDF Guide for Bolt-on Enforcer