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LucidView Sponsors Conference on Wellness in the Internet Era

Towards the end of last year, LucidView published an article by a counsellor who specialises in the field of childhood trauma and the effects of pornography on the developing brain.

This area of concern only grows each year with more and more kids gaining access to the Internet.

As such LucidView is sponsoring a conference to be held in Rosebank on the 16th of November 2019, at the Courtyard Hotel.  The conference is being run by www.counsellorsinsa.co.za and has a host of speakers including doctors, psychologists, counsellors, Internet Content Filter experts and more, included in the ticket price is dinner and opportunities to chat with the speakers.

There are limited tickets available, these can be purchased here along with a breakdown of the agenda for the day.  If you are a counsellor, teacher, law enforcement officer, human resources professional or just a concerned parent this conference is for you.  The conference covers a range of topics including; wellness in the modern world, screen time and its dangers, how to protect kids from the dangers of the Internet and much more.

LucidView highly recommends this conference for anyone concerned with the wellness of their patients, employees or children.  LucidView is sponsoring the event and provides free and effective Content Filtering. You will be able to meet our CEO and discuss how to protect your business, customers, patients and children from inappropriate content, social media addiction, gambling addiction and more.  Having an effective Content Filter in place not only protects children from the dangers of the Internet, but guards business against cyberthreats such as ransomware and malware, it also ensures your employees have access to Internet you deem appropriate,  are productive and not wasting your valuable time browsing the Internet or sitting on Facebook.

This conference holds value for everyone trying to gain some control in this era of rapid technological advances.