Lucidview Network Control

What the LucidView MikroTik Enforcer is and What if can do for your organisation.

The LucidView Cloud Solution is designed anyone familiar with MikroTik Routers, if you can configure and administer a MikroTik Router you can seamlessly integrate this solution into your existing service offerings.



Convert your MikroTik Router into a powerful Content Filter

Connect your Mikrotik router to the LucidView Cloud Solution to make a LucidView MikroTik Enforcer, which is an extremely powerful Content Filter and Internet management  tool allowing you to add tremendous value to your existing service offering at no cost.

The combination of your MikroTik Router with the LucidView Enforcer Solution turns your MikroTik Router into a MikroTik Enforcer, a powerful tool providing essential visibility.  Without which there can be no management.

Visibility essential in network management.

The MikroTik Enforcer provides visibility in the form of:

  1. Dashboards
  2. Reports

Using the LucidView Cloud Solution to convert your router into  MikroTik Enforcer allows your company either directly manage or let your clients manage their own networks in terms of; the content they allow or  block, it is a sophisticated, powerful Content Filter, options can range from explicit adult sites to social media with a number of categories in between. Additionally, content can be blocked at scheduled times, for example, social media could be allowed until 7pm and then blocked until 7 am ensuring kids don’t spend the entire night on social media sites, see the dangers of social media here.  It provides clean Internet and protects the youth from the dangers of explicit content on the Internet.


Reports and Dashboards with the MikroTik Enforcer

The LucidView Cloud Solution combined with your MikroTik to create the MikroTik Enforcer provides you with automated oversight of all Internet traffic with the tools necessary to prevent access to undesirable content, services, sources of malware, and other online threats .  With the LucidView MikroTik Enforcer you can access activity and vulnerability at a network level and by individual device.

Bandwidth Allocation using the MikroTik Enforcer

The MikroTik Enforcer allows you to allocate available bandwidth by activity or specific device, this can be particularly useful if your clients are online gamers who are sharing the available bandwidth with other competing activities..  It provides for increased productivity in business environments as browsing is no longer anonymous. With the LucidView MikroTik Enforcer you can provide your clients with clean internet for their business, homes and other networks.

Increase your Security

The MikroTik Enforcer then allows you to manage the Internet traffic  either at your clients site, or centrally if you have CloudCore Routers as part of your infrastructure.  Either way, a massive value-add service to your clients at no cost (t&c’s apply)

The LucidView MikroTik Enforcer provides an enhanced Security Tool, combining MikroTik’s inbuilt Firewall capabilities with LucidView’s unique behaviour based security ensuring that you and your clients are protected against malware, ransomware and other suspicious connections.

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