Lucidview Dashboard

Are you a MikroTik Administrator?

Enhance your MikroTik Router into a powerful Internet gateway management tool using LucidView’s Cloud Service.

MikroTik is a rapidly growing manufacturer of computer networking equipment globally.  While starting in 1995 and focusing on developing countries, its Routers, Switches and other networking peripherals are gaining market traction around the globe and taking market share from network standards such as Cisco.  Administrators who have experience with both often favour MikroTik Routers and Switches for more reasons than just price.

The reasoning is not hard to figure out:  MikroTik provides a fantastic product range at more than competitive prices.  Consider its competitors.

MikroTik provides the same services as it’s competitors, its’  Traffic-Flow is completely compatible with netflow logs. These raw logs contain extremely useful information for any administrator.  However, as they are raw data they are often not easy to understand.

LucidView provides a cloud service called the LucidView Cloud Enforcer, where, using Big Data converts these raw logs into meaningful human-readable reports.  This then allows you, the administrator with the ability to create easy to understand Dashboards and Reports to yourself and your clients.

These Dashboards and Reports convert your Netflow raw data into meaningful data where a number of reports can be pulled including reports on:

  • Domains and Host accessed
  • Categories Accessed
  • Highly Suspicious connections i.e. remote hackers

Using your MikroTik you already have Firewall functionality, combining it with the LucidView Enforcer Cloud solution, you effectively upgrade your Firewall to an IPS (Intrusion prevention system)  visibility, which is absolutely essential in ensuring security, You can’t manage what you can’t see.

The combination of your MikroTik router and the LucidView Cloud Enforcer Solution makes for a Full Internet Management system providing unique oversight and reporting in a manner that is readable to people.  

With this added visibility, the LucidView Cloud Enforcer provides an enhanced Security Tool, combining MikroTik’s inbuilt Firewall capabilities with LucidView’s unique behaviour based security ensuring that you and your clients are protected against malware, ransomware and other suspicious connections.  This combination also provides for a Super Content Filter enforcing clean Internet for business, homes and other organisations.