Visibility and Security with our Internet Content Filter

LucidView provides an advanced Web Content Filter with Reports completely free of charge for MikroTik Users.

For company’s or individuals who would like to provide these features and more as value-adds to existing service offerings, simply register now, follow the install instructions and upgrade to the MikroTik Portal Pro Account when you’re ready.

White Label, Back End Service

Our white label, back end Cloud service offers a key value-add to ISPs, MSPs, FNOs, WISPs, IT Service Providers and Large Enterprises.

We provide you with highly effective Internet Filtering and Reporting which you can sell on to your clients as your own.

As our Content Filtering is enforced using a  two prong approach, we can ensure that even the savviest technophiles will struggle to circumvent your or that of your customer’s Internet Usage policy.

  • Feature only available to MikroTik Portal Pro Holders.

Enforcer Features Overview

Below is a brief summary of the features that you can provide to your clients using our 100% white label, back-end solution.

The LucidView Enforcer  is a powerful Content Filter and Reporting Engine.  It gives you critical visibility and effective tools for serious Internet Traffic Management.

Our MikroTik Content Filter is amongst the most difficult to circumvent.

The LucidView Enforcer is an Enhancement for MiKroTik routers:

Central Cloud Core MikroTik Router/VM  does requite LucidView to have remote access to your MikroTik Routers, and may require time and material service purchase too.

MikroTik Enforcer Dashboards & Reporting

*Feature only available to MikroTik Pro Account Holders

The MikroTik Enforcer Pro includes a powerful reporting engine.

Source IP reports on the top ten are available to Pro Account Holders.

As a result, sweeping Cloud Dashboard views, and thorough Reports are available.

There are a variety of predefined Reports that are ready to use. Additionally, custom reports can be created for any requirements not yet catered for.  If you can think of it, the MikroTik Portal can create it.

Included are just a few examples of our Dashboard Views and predefined Reports.

For a more interactive experience please visit the dashboard demo page.

Bandwidth Dashboard

Basic Dashboard

Regional Dashboard

Weekly Malware Report

Weekly Category Report

Value-Add to Your Clients

With the LucidView Enforcer in place your clients will be able to:

  • Provide effective Content Filtering – Block or manage access to adult content, social media, gambling sites, malware, torrents and other online threats.
  • Set up a custom blocking schedule.  For example: Only allow access to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any category you choose to be accessible at specific times of the day.    *Feature available with MikroTik Pro Accounts only.
  • Gain automated oversight of Internet traffic using the tools provided, thereby, preventing access to undesirable content, services, sources of malware, as well as other online threats. * Feature only available to MikroTik Portal Pro Accounts.
  • Access activity and vulnerability reports at both the network level
  • And by individual device. * Feature only available to MikroTik Portal Pro Accounts.
  • Block access to explicit material and websites offering gambling or pirated content.
  • Access the Portal for the blacklisting & whitelisting of specific sites.  Additionally, manage your bandwidth by using our list of categories that are easy to select. Thereby controlling the content allowed onto your network.  * Feature only available to MikroTik Portal Pro Accounts.
  • Allocate available bandwidth by specific activity or device.
  • Enhance employee productivity by actively removing anonymity of Internet use in the form of Reporting.
  • Access updates automatically providing new features and continued protection against newly identified threats.

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MikroTik Enforcer Category Options


The LucidView MikroTik ENFORCER™ provides content filtering using the following categories….view here

Ultimately, this is achieved by using the LucidView Cloud Service to turn your MikroTik Router into a MikroTik Enforcer, thereby providing critical visibility allowing for effective network management.