LucidView Enforcer Consultant Programme

Experienced with MikroTik RouterOS?

LucidView has created a highly effective, complete Internet Management solution that is designed to work in conjunction with MikroTik RouterOS.

The solution includes four modules that deal with every aspect of managing networks.  It is highly scalable and can be used from enterprise and ISP sized networks to home users.

The Internet Management modules are:


How to become a LucidView Enforcer Consultant

To qualify to become a recommended LucidView partner you will need to create a LucidView MikroTik Portal Account and to build a Bolt-On Enforcer, once you have completed the Bolt-On Enforcer you simply need to contact us.  

Once we have approved your configurations we will add your details to our Partner page.


Role of Enforcer Support Partner

LucidView regularly receives requests for assistance in using the solution from individuals and companies who are not familiar with MikroTik RouterOS. As MikroTik RouterOS support is not our focus we are happy to recommend experienced MikroTik RouterOS professionals to them.


Become a MikroTik Enforcer Service Provider or Support Consultant

We have a number of customers that are keen to roll out our solution to their clients or for their own personal use but lack the skills or knowledge of RouterOS to build their own MikroTik Enforcers.  If you are experienced with RouterOS and meet our requirements, we will happily add you to our list of MikroTik RouterOS support providers.

Additionally, If you are an experienced MikroTik professional, our solutions present a fantastic opportunity to sell value-added services to your customers.  

IT professionals and self-employed IT individuals with MikroTik experience can make use of the solutions we provide to create additional value and income to their existing service offerings.

 Referring Customers

The partner programme is primarily aimed at ISPs and individuals who have MikroTik experience that can assist our clients who are not familiar with MikroTik RouterOS.  

We will then put you in touch with the customer.  Thereafter, LucidView’s involvement in the support ends and the customer will be directed to deal directly with you.  Costs for your services are between you and the customer.  Costs to use the LucidView Enforcer Solution can be found on our pricing page

We look forward to adding your details to our Partner Programme.

Become an Enforcer Consultant