Winning the Ransomware Battle

On Sunday the 12th of January 2020, Carte Blanche, MNET broadcast a segment related to Ransomware with a specific focus on the Ransomware attack on the City of Johannesburg during October and November 2019. Towards the end of segment, at around the 10:57 mark, you can clearly see the LucidView Dashboard prominently featured.

The  LucidView Dashboard facility, combined with the LucidView Content filter,  is an extremely valuable tool when it comes to thwarting ransomware attacks.  LucidView dashboards and reporting features are completely customisable and one can include a connection dashboard for spotting anomalies, allowing one to identify possible malware before it has a chance to cause chaos.  

Additionally, one can dedicate a dashboard entirely to managing malware and suspected malware sites that users have inadvertently accessed.  The LucidView Content Filter is an extremely powerful tool and can be configured to kill off connections remote hackers typically use to plant their malware. 

LucidView’s Reporting Engine and Dashboards can be customised to meet the customer’s needs, a very common need is oversight of connections in and out with the ability to spot any anomalous behaviour